University Lecturer / Tutor

  • I can deliver either full modules or individual lectures depending on the need of the academic institution.  I teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and delivers courses around the following topics:  social work theory and practice, social justice & equality, children’s rights & participation, sociology, childhood sociology, social work with children & families.

Training Provider

  • Having experience within both statutory and voluntary organisations I can provide a range of individually tailored day courses to match the needs of the workforce (such as supervision skills, working with disabled children, children’s participation).  I can also provide an independent review of the structure of training provision and provide consultation where required.

Practice Assessor

  • Experienced provider of practice assessing for students undertaking the Social Work degree. 


  • Service providers need to base their decisions on research – I can provide a unique research service according to need – whether that be exploring the outcomes of services provided, planning future service provision, seeking the views and opinions of children, young people and their families.


  • A one-to-one service to support supervisors, whether new to post or experienced, to improve their efficiency and leadership skills (this will include 360 degree feedback).  I can also provide support and facilitation services to teams within a service.


  • This is an individually tailored service to suit your needs and budget, ranging from service evaluations to advice on provision of services for individual cases, or a more comprehensive package to support staff through the change process.

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